About Us

Hi. I am Caroline. Hey! I am Sydney.  

Graduates from Georgia Southern University's College of Health and Human Sciences, (Go Eagles!) we received our degrees in Child and Family Development with an emphasis in Child Life. 

With our Child Life Internships completed, certification exams passed, we look eagerly to the next chapter in our Child Life Journey.

Caroline works in a community based setting, a children's home for children in state custody. She completed her Master of Public Administration and dreams of being a pioneer in child life in the community based settings. 
See more about her job here


 Sydney was working as a full time child life specialist in Idaho, but in 2016 moved to Las Vegas to start up a program in the Emergency Department of a Children's Hospital. 

Our Passion is Child Life. It brings us no greater joy than to be able to serve children, youth and families in healthcare environments and beyond. 

Whether you are new to Child Life or have been in the field for years,  we are excited to connect with you and hopefully learn from you. 

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Unknown said...

Hi Sydney! My name is Acacia. I am currently taking Child Life classes through USB. I am considering a move to Las Vegas. How prevalent is the Child Life there? Thanks!