Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Toy Tuesday: Wiggle, Wiggle

Time for another Toy Tuesday!

Today I'm talking about Water Wiggler toys. These toys go by other names too, like water snakes, water tubes, water wiggle tubes, ect. 

I like to use these toys for laceration repairs. I tell the child their job is to try to hold their head or whatever part of their body the lac is, still like a statue or a rock, but I allow them to move their hands if they get wiggly.

This way they can play with their water wiggler. Some other ideas are having them count how many times they can squeeze the wiggler, hold the wiggler on their tummy without letting it fall, talk about what is in their water wiggler (Nemo, glitter, Spiderman, etc). You can use your own child life brain to come up with even more games to play with the water wiggler.

I just recently picked up some larger ones at Walmart in the "cheap/amazing for child life" aisle, but we also order the mini ones from Oriental Trading which are great for the kids that have trouble letting go of mine that I wash and resuse.

Here is the link for the oriental trading minis- Check it Out!

Do you guys utilize water wigglers?



Ashley Bain said...

I used to love these toys as a child. Great child life pick :) Did you or Caroline receive my email? I responded back to the guest blog post.

Thank you,