Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Toy Tuesday: Pop, Pop, Pop

Hello all! Long time no Toy Tuesday!

Today is all about my favorite app called Balloon Pop!
You wouldn't think that popping balloons could be so entertaining, but kids of all ages LOVE this app. I tend to use it most with preschoolers, but I've even had teens play.
You can change the settings to make the balloons fly slow or fast, make the balloons big and small, and you can change the game by popping letters or numbers.

This app can be used as distraction or helping an angry kiddo get some of their anger out.

The best part is for kids with visual impairments such as CVI you can disable background images and increase the size of the balloons in order to make them easier to pop
It's worth the $1.99 for the full version to be able to pop all the colors and shapes of balloons.

If you do not have this app on your iPad, download it now!



type me an essay said...

My cat loves this game! He's a very grumpy frumpy but whenever he hears this theme song, he comes running into the room! Hes the weirdest cat ever!