Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Trip to Belize

Hey Guys! I know, I know... long time no talk. I don't know why in my not-so-busy schedule right now I haven't prioritized blogging, but I just haven't. 

But I have something so exciting to share with you! Last week I spent the week in a little village called Flowers Bank, Belize at a children's home with about 24 precious children. Crystal, Daniel, and I all spent time offering a helping hand to the houseparents who are currently there. We brought tons of arts and crafts activities as well as recreational items such as kickballs, footballs, frisbees, jump ropes, etc. 

The children ranged in age from 1-14 years old, most coming from backgrounds of abuse and neglect and because of this their precious faces cannot be put on the internet. There are two main houses on the property- one for the girls and one for the boys. There is also a house for interns to stay in, a dormitory for visiting teams, and a house in the back of the property for the farm hand and his family. The Hopewell House is a fully functioning farm that raises chickens, cows, pigs, and tilapia. 

While we were there Daniel celebrated his 28th birthday and the kids made him a birthday cake and sang to him. 

 This was a local produce stand. We were able to get tons of fresh fruits and veggies for the home with only $50 American dollars. It was crazy! Gas on the other hand was a lot of money! It costs $85 American dollars for 18 gallons of gas. 

After I organize all of my pictures and edit some of them to hide faces, I will post more! As a Child Life Specialists, we have a special skill set to work with children in such a variety of settings both in our back yard and internationally. My goal for the week was to make sure the children knew that I loved them, God loves them, and to find little ways everyday to help them work through conflict, gain control over their circumstances, and find pride in small victories. 

Most of the terrain was jungle full of exotic animals. 

More to come from me, 



Alexx said...

This looks amazing! Do you mind if I ask how you were able to get connected with an opportunity like this? It sounds incredible.

Thanks for posting! I have missed reading from you ladies!

Child Life Blog said...

Hey! So my church actually has pre-existing relationship with this orphanage and I've been wanting to get down there to work there! Lots of places like this are also looking for interns!

madin said...

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