Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Toy Tuesday: Medical Play

Toy Tuesday: Preschool Edition

It's my favorite time of the year again in preschool.... 
Community Helpers! 

Throughout the year, I keep a fair amount of medical play toys in my room. But for this unit, I drag out all of my medical play items I keep in storage! This set is by far my favorite that my mom actually bought me for my college graduation. (You know you are a child life specialist when your mom buys you toys for your college graduation present!) 

This is actually the My Generation Doll (sold at stores like Walmart) brand. Their dolls are the same size as American Girl Dolls. The set comes with a wheelchair, crutches, leg cast, and arm cast (however, I can't seem to find my arm cast). 

These would be great for any children to play with whether at home, in the classroom setting, or in the hospital, but especially in a rehab unit! 

My children love playing with it, and it helps expand their dramatic play and vocabulary! 

The doll here is actually a shadow buddy I won at FACLP. It has a g-tube and came with the hospital gown. 

Doc McStuffins is also a great go-to for the preschool age! 

This doll had broken her foot and had to get a cast. The kiddos loved playing with these toys, and I think your kiddos will too! 

Below are the links on amazon to purchase the toys if you are interested! They're not cheap, but they're good investments! 

What are your favorite medical play items? 
Share them with us!