Monday, February 22, 2016

Sensory Play: Snow Edition

It's Snow Day at Preschool! 

And in South Georgia, that means you make snow in the classroom. 

Last year, (Read the post!) I explored with many different ways to allow my kiddos to learn about snow, but I wasn't brave enough to try too many recipes. So last year, we simply played with shaving cream. 

This year I went for it. After many hours on pinterest, I decided to go with this recipe. All we needed was baking soda and shaving cream (cheap and easy!)

I decided to bypass my sensory been this time, and I poured a liberal amount of baking soda in front of each child's seat at the table. I then went around and added the shaving cream to each pile and instructed the children to mix the two materials together. 

And slowly....

but surely....

We had SNOW! 

I was like a kid! I opened my classroom door and was so excited to show my co-teachers! It molded into snowballs and even felt cold to the touch! 

The important thing for you to remember here is that I live in (relatively) south Georgia. Meaning that, most of my kiddos have really never seen snow. That and they are only 3 years old. So trying to teach snow to children who have never seen it is quite difficult! 

The kids were so excited. I am still waiting on permission to post some photos of them, but until then you'll have to go off my word that the activity lasted well over the 25 minutes I had allocated for it. Next time, I will try for a harder recipe and may add some manipulatives to the snow for the kids. 

What about you? Have you tried any recipes like this? I'd like to have some more recommendations to use in my classroom! 



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