Saturday, November 7, 2015


Hello Friends!

Where have we been? 

(Enjoy pictures of us and life lately! Sydney on left, Caroline on Right)

We could list off a million excuses...Sydney has new longer hours at work, Caroline is working hard at grad school, and we both have been traveling. 

We are just here to say, 
"We are going to try harder."

This is where you come in...
Leave a comment below, or on Instagram of an idea for a new blog that you want to see from us!  

Please Help Us

We love you! Talk to you soon!



Elise said...

As an undergrad student, I would love to hear your tips for people preparing to enter the child life field. Especially recommended reading or particular topics to dp some more research into.

Cayleigh said...

I would love to see a personal post about the younger students who are pursuing child life & what to do when we get discouraged. It's a tight, competitive field & can be discouraging. But it's also a passion! So I'd love to see some encouragement, why it's worth it, & tips on where to start!

Anonymous said...

Practicum advice!