Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Toy Tuesday

I'm Back with more bubbles! 

We all love bubbles and use them everyday so why not? Though not spill proof like my Fubbles(post here), my new bubbles are fun, cute and quite the conversation starter. 

These bubbles come in 4 different animals, the panda, the lion, the hippo, and the gorilla

I found my panda at the Dollar Tree and as soon as I used them, went back to pick up the rest of the animals. I found out that you can order a dozen for $10 on Oriental Trading which is a better deal than the Dollar Store if you need 12. 

The best part about these bubbles is the wand. It has three holes so it blows a bunch of bubbles in different sizes! 

These bubbles are large enough to blow good sized bubbles, yet small enough to fit in your pocket!

You need one of these in your tool kit! 



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