Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sydney's First Year as a Child Life Specialist

*First year as a Child Life Specialist*

Today marks one year of being a working child life specialist. Wow!
Highlights with links to posts! -
Certification- August
Cow Day- I got to teach 1500 hundred 6th graders what a child life specialist was! (post here)
Mountain West Conference- Traveled to Salt Lake to learn more about the child life profession(post here)

Halloween I survived my first holiday in the hospital. 
(post here)
Magazine article- A local magazine interviewed me and a coworker all about child life
United Airlines bear donation- I was able to help deliver bears to all our of patients.
Youtube Video on surgery up in January- my first attempt at stardom, warning: this is a video for parents to watch and so it is very descriptive and wordy.

Joined the hospital’s Pain team(post here)
Piloted Emergency Department program (post coming soon)
Started a NICU sibling class
Christmas(post here)
Started weekends in January of 2015- our schedule changed the first of the year to now include weekend coverage.
Started a sunshine club(post here)
Salt Lake City for my birthday- traveled to salt lake with my coworkers for a short girls trip to celebrate my 24th birthday
Wrote my first Grant for new toys for our playroom- and was approved to spend $250 in new toys!

Las Vegas with my co worker in March- my first time to see the city to celebrate my co worker turning 25!

Met with behavioral health center to provide developmentally appropriate comfort room ideas, and joined the no restraints team

Child Life Month(post here)
First ever Disney Donation
Caroline came to visit in March!(post here)

Was in another magazine article!
Went home in June for the first time since moving to Idaho
Worked with ED to plan for a Peds pod
Ran our first Teddy Bear Clinic (post here)

Holy Moly what a crazy year! I feel so blessed to have all of the wonderful opportunities and love my job more and more every day! This was what i was meant to do! Here’s to a great second year! Cheers everyone! 



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