Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunshine Club

The Sunshine Club is something that my coworker and myself started for 2015. 
A sunshine club is a way to boost staff morale by celebrating everyone's special day. We are just test piloting this year, so we are only celebrating birthdays. Hopefully next year we can extend to weddings and babies as well! 

Here are the steps we took to get the program in place!

  • We started by bringing up the idea at a monthly staff meeting to see if there would be any want for this particular program
  • Staff was excited and willing to participate. 
  • Those who chose not to participate were informed they would not be celebrated. 
  • We collected $5-$10 from each member of our Peds and PICU staff that wanted to participate.
  • We created a sign up sheet where each staff member wrote when their birthday was, and if they had any food allergies(like poor little Sydney who is allergic to almost every fruit).
  • We filled in a calendar with everyone's birthdays
  • Once the weekly schedule comes out we check to see what the closest date to the staff member's actual birthday is and use that day to celebrate.
  • Throughout that week we sneakily get other staff members to sign a birthday card and make a banner with that staff member's name on it.
  • On the morning or night of the celebration we decorate the break room with a balloon, banners, fun tablecloth, seat cover and of course provide a tasty birthday cake!

The Sunshine club at our hospital has helped to celebrate staff  member's and create a feeling of teamwork throughout. All of the staff members have been excited to participate and and love to celebrate each other's special day!

Do you have a sunshine club or something similar at your hospital? How does your program work?



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