Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FACLP Conference 2015

Remember last year, when Caroline went to FACLP and Sydney went Salt Lake for a child life conference? If you don't check out this post!

Well, this year we are both going to FACLP, which means that Sydney is flying to Florida! 

What's even more exciting is that we were chosen to present a workshop at conference! 

If you have no idea what we are talking about, FACLP stands for the Florida Association of Child Life Professionals. And to answer your first question, no you don't have to be from Florida to join. To answer your second question, yes, it's free to be a member! 

Check out their website here for more information. 

This year's conference is September 12-13, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida. Registration is $200, but if you are a student (like Caroline) it's only $150! 

This will be Sydney's second year attending and Caroline's third year. Every year it is very refreshing to be submersed with fellow child lifers and be reminded that we aren't the only ones passionate about this field. 

The conference consists of workshops throughout the two days, networking opportunities with Child Life Specialists from all over the country, a resource store with all types of goodies, yummy food, and much more! 

Our workshop is specifically geared towards students who are applying for internships, interviewing for internships, planning on doing one of those in the future or even applying for jobs. When we started thinking about writing up a workshop proposal, we realized that our most viewed blogs are about these topics:

Child Life Interview Tips
Dressing Professionally

Questions to Ask during an Interview
Offer Day Advice
You Got the Internship, Now What?

Our session is all about how to land an internship. We will cover the basics of resume, cover letter, internship application, and organizing your application packets. 
We will talk about what to wear during an interview, interview pointers, and questions to ask the hospitals! 
Finally, we will also talk a little bit more openly about handling the stress of offer day and how to decline/accept offers. 

It will be a full hour of fun and valuable information! We would love to meet some of you there! The best thing about this conference is that they are always so welcoming of students! They truly value the concept of investing in new professionals, and that is a rare commodity these days. 

Right now registration is open, but on August 14th, the early bird price is gone! So sign up now. Find some buddies to go with! Make a weekend of it; we promise you won't be disappointed! 

So, who's going? Let us know! Connect with us! Tweet us or Instagram us while you are there so we can find you! 



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