Monday, August 17, 2015

Embrace the Competition and Thrive!

If you haven't realized it yet, the field of child life is competitive
If you are starting out as a student, programs that specify in Child Life may not exist in your state. You may have to relocate. 

If you are looking to volunteer at a children's hospital, you may have to drive a few hours to reach one. 

If you are applying for practicums, go ahead and realize that you may have to move. 

If you are preparing for internships, you are almost 100% going to have to move to a new city or new state. You may even have to travel to do the interviews. Just go ahead and look at all of the positives this will bring in your life and not the burdens. 

Finally, if you are applying for jobs... You are probably going to have to move. Unless you want to wait it out and pray that an instate job opens up for you. 

This is just one part of the job that stresses people out or deters them for even trying in the first place. Being a Child Life Specialist is a calling. It's a passion. You either have it - or you don't. If you have it, these things won't scare you away. 

The best thing you can do is to find any opportunity to volunteer with children, especially medically fragile children. Volunteer at the hospital, camps, hospice, etc. Make your resume so compact that you think it is impossible to condense to one page! 

This will help you to be competitive when applying for all of the above. All of these experiences will also help boost your confidence! Confidence is key when you get into the interviewing phase and will help you be able to brag on yourself. 

Even though all of these things can be intimidating, you got this! We believe in you! Embrace the passion and calling of being a Child Life Specialist and let it drive you to success. Or as A Cinderella Story, one of my favorite movies quotes, "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."  

Good luck! 
This blog was written as a suggestion from a reader. We love suggestions! Let us know what you think in a comment! 


Cayleigh said...

I've had several people tell and remind me of this! I am still choosing to pursue child life anyway, but it can get discouraging. I would love to see a post with encouragement and the most rewarding moments you've had in child life, and the moment you know when it was your passion. :)

Child Life Blog said...

That's an awesome suggestion for a post Cayleigh! Keep it up! I have faith that you will succeed!

Unknown said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and this post really made me smile! For my first three years of undergrad I was in a major that I wasn't passionate about. The only thing I knew was I was meant to work with children. After withdrawing from my school in my third year, because I was so miserable; I googled "jobs with kids," desperate to find my dream career. The very last job in an article was child life specialist. It caught my attention and I shadowed a CLS one month later. I knew that day that I had found what I was looking for. Since then I've been re-admitted to my college and am graduating in May 2016. I worked at a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses and I just received and accepted a child life practicum offer at a hospital 45 min from my house. (crazy right?!)

I love the quote, "when you do what you love, everything falls into place." Your post is so honest and relatable, and I'm so happy I found your blog! Thank you!

madin said...

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