Friday, August 28, 2015

Child Life in Radiology

The Role of a Child Life Specialist in a Pediatric Radiology Department

Is your hospital looking into starting a program in the radiology department? Are you looking for solid support to offer administration? Check out this research article published by Pediatric Radiology and authored by Kristen McGee on the role and benefits of a CCLS in radiology. 

Full Article Here

Child life programming is predominantly developed in inpatient areas throughout major pediatric hospitals. However, the trend toward outpatient services has increased the need for facilities to develop child life positions to assist in the teaching demands of patients and families coming in for routine hospital visits. Since radiology is often the first experience for families, but not the last, it is essential to involve them in a positive experience. Imaging facilities serving pediatric patients are currently developing or considering child life programs. A certified child life specialist (CCLS) is committed to developing programming that enhances the child’s understanding and involvement in their medical experience. This paper provides an outline of the responsibilities and areas of expertise of the CCLS in a pediatric radiology department. The reviewed program is based on, but not limited, to fluoroscopy.

When attending the FACLP Conference in September 2014 in Miami, FL, I attended a workshop reviewing Wolfson Children's Hospital's MR-I am Ready! program, which is a pilot program to promote non-sedated MRIs. Check out more information about their program here

Share your story of starting a program in a particular department with us and we may share your story with all of our readers! 

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Hello to you both! I was wondering if you would allow me to include the picture featured at the bottom of this article for a presentation on Child Life and its role and importance in the pediatric hospital environment. I am running into problems finding usable pictures because of privacy laws, et cetera. I understand if not, but thank you!

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