Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Child Life in the Classroom: Year 2

Well, it's that time of the year again. 

Time to:
Clean my room 
Label everything 
Reorganize my art supplies 
Stock up my classroom library
Send out parent letters
Write some lesson plans
Finally get to meet my new kiddos tomorrow! 

It's taken me a while to get truly excited about teaching for another year. (If I'm being totally honest, I am still not there yet.)
BUT, I work with some wonderful ladies who are truly role models to me. They are a constant source of encouragement and I treasure my friendship with them. 

On the other hand... If I don't keep positivity on the forefront of my mind, feelings of failure in my Child Life journey set in. 

But I know that I am supposed to teach for one more year- at least for now. I am going to finish my Masters degree in May 2016. And then, I shall start the hard core application process for full time jobs. 

So until then, I have 10 new three year olds bursting with excitement to come to preschool. And I get a whole year to invest in them, teach them, support them, and watch them grow! 

Being a Child Life Specialist in the classroom has it's perks. For one, I know the importance of exploratory play and sensory play. I think even one of my co workers is going to explore with a water bin this year! 

I plan on upping my game as far as my sensory bins go and incorporating a lot more math and science activities to our play! 

My Open House treats for my kiddos! 

New this year: Calm Down Basket for all my kiddos to learn how to be in control of their own body and emotions. 

Meet Oliver. He's our class pet! 

My door hanger! I made it all by myself! 

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I know that several of our followers are also preschool teachers, and I would love to hear from y'all! What does your classroom look like? What are some of your favorite activities? 


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