Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Child Life... Makes the Unit More Productive"

‘Child Life Specialists’ Help Sick Kids Be Kids

The Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit news source that provides updated information to the public regarding health in government, health policy, and other politics surrounding health care. 

While looking for some great articles and resources about the validity of the field of child life, I stumbled across this article. It is very similar to our most frequently read post The Value of Child Life: From the perspective of a nursing student.

Even though this article was written in 2012, Jenny Gold authors a beautiful news piece about the value of the field we are so passionate about. It always excites me to see news about child life published from a non child life source. 

In the article, the author talks about doctors appreciating child life specialists. She says, "But those doctors insist that they need child life specialists, largely because they make the unit more productive."

If you are relatively new to the field and you are trying to explain child life to your friends and family, these are the kind of articles you need to share with them! You are not just a babysitter in the hospital! Child Life definitely makes the unit more productive! You are on a track to become a super hero to some child who needs you! 

Check out the full article here! 
News Article Here 

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