Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Toy Tuesday

Fisher Price Bounce and Giggle Animals

My coworker introduced these to me one time when I was called into a room to distract a 2 year old and had nothing with me to use. (This was before I started carrying my distraction bag). 

Fisher-Price Bounce and Giggle Cow
My coworker told me that she loves to buzz the patient's feet, side or bed and most toddlers will stop crying and look at her. From there she goes on to have them help push the button and buzz the nurses, their parent, or us. 

This toy is an excellent distraction item for infants and toddlers! As well as providing an element of surprise, this toy provides stimulation through vibration and noise, and also has different textures to feel. 
My only con is that the nose button is very hard to push on the pig and cow! However most of the time when used for distraction an adult is the one pushing the button. The elephant and cat are much easier to press. They also have a tiny bit of ribbon hair, but I just cut it off! 
If you are a thrift store toy hunter you are almost guaranteed to find one of these animals for super inexpensive and generally brand new. I think this is because parents find the button too hard to push for children and just give it away. My coworker and I have quite the collection of these guys in our office, playroom, and waiting areas. 

Unfortunately as of June 2015 Fisher Price has discontinued this product, so if you see one in stores pick it up!