Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We are Eagle Nation

On Wednesday, April 22, Georgia Southern University lost five eagles to a tragic car accident. A few others were injured and are still fighting for life at the hospital. All students involved were nursing students headed to Savannah, Ga for their last day of clinicals. 

To read the full story:

Many times Sydney and I drove that trip to volunteer at the Children's Hospital. We also had to drive a two hour trip to Macon once a week for practicum. This loss hits home to us. We know that many of you travel to practicums and internships daily, so please be careful. This accident was caused by a tractor trailer who failed to stop in time for traffic. But anything could happen, so please don't add to the danger by texting and driving. 

As Eagles, we will stand beside each other as we remember the lives of these students. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for their friends and family during this time. 




Unknown said...

Much love, support and healing thoughts to your community. This is a tragic day with layers of deep emotions. Thank you Sydeney and Caroline for giving a space where people can come to share their thoughts and feelings.

Child Life Blog said...

Thank you Shani! We really appreciate your support! It is a unfortunate reminder that life is short and we must count our blessings!