Friday, April 17, 2015

Sydney's Radiology Grab and Go Bag

When I am called to radiology it is for either a VCUG, CT scan, MRI, Barium Enema or Nuclear Medicine Scan. I generally know when these are scheduled so I have time to customize my bag. 

We are working on a separate VCUG(voiding cystourethrogram)  post so I won't go too far into this, but normally there is a lot of waiting time either before the actual exam or in between an ultrasound and the VCUG so it's important that I bring developmentally appropriate toys and activities with me. The same goes with CT scans especially if we have to wait for versed to kick in.

I love taking a blank doll or teddy bear and a doctor's kit with me. Depending on the child's age determines which Fisher Price doctor's kit I will bring. 
(Here is a Toy Tuesday post on a doctor's kit just for infants and toddlers)

I will also bring a coloring book and crayons, a sticker scene, and a bracelet kit if age appropriate. 

Having something to build rapport quickly with these kids is important, they have to trust you for you to be of any help to them during these exams. 

I will also generally bring an incentive or prize for these patients because some of these procedures are pretty invasive. 

As far as distraction items:

1. My iPad- to watch a tv show, or play a fun game
2. Two glitter wands- I love using glitter wands and racing mine with theirs, to see whose glitter gets to the bottom first!
3. Light Spinner- Toddlers are mesmerized and the light spinner can help them hold their head still while staring at it.
4. A light and music projector (toy tuesday post here)
5. Bubbles- not only for the actual procedure but who doesn't want to pop bubbles all the way down the hallway to the exam room.
6.  Swaddle Blanket, Sweetease, and pacifier for my littlest patients.
7. My Child Life brain- Let's play Ispy, or let's guess how many pictures we are going to take, let's watch the balloon(bladder) fill up and deflate, Do you see the red on your ultrasound?, ect. 

What about you? What are your favorite items for radiology distraction?