Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Adventures in Idaho!

So here is a snapshot of our adventures together!

Idaho Falls on the Snake River! 

Who doesn't love random road trips? Because we do. We drove up to Montana and stopped at some teeny tiny towns along the way! 
First stop Dubois, Idaho! 

                                                    Second stop was Spencer, Idaho! The Opal Capital of the World... who knew? 

Of course we had to dye some eggs.... 

Next stop, Wyoming! Sadly, we hit it in the off season, so not much was open. Travel tip: If you're going to Jackson, go before or after April. Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake, and Yellowstone were all frozen and closed! 

We drove to Jackson Lake, but it was still frozen along with Jenny Lake! Sad Day! 

We explored downtown Jackson, WY, which by the way is probably the cutest little town ever! 

Liberty Burger was for dinner one night in Jackson! The food was delicious and super fresh! 

Coco Love was a specialty desert place with fancy cakes, gelato, and tiny pieces of (expensive) chocolate!  

The mountains we saw were crazy beautiful and so different than anything I've ever seen before! 

So while in Jackson, we decided to face the fear of heights and ride the tram all the way to the top of Rendezvous Mountain which has a total elevation of 10,450 ft. 
(For reference, Mt. Everest is approximately 30,000 ft.)

We went to the potato museum! -- Because you know that's what Idaho is famous for. Also, yes, that is a giant potato. 

Our fourth state was Utah! Yayy! 

For our Southern readers, you know all about the glorious Zaxbys. Sydney hadn't had Zaxbys since last August! Well, little did we know that there is a Zaxbys in Utah! It's the only Western state with a Zaxbys! Sydney was so excited! 

It was such a great time to adventure together. Sometimes we do not make time for spontaneity because we are too busy, too broke, or too stressed. I lugged my graduate school work all the way to Idaho with me and said no to other obligations for a week. (It was also preschool spring break!)
I needed the break. 
Do you need a break? Do you need a vacation? We're giving you permission to indulge! Just make sure you are being responsible. Save up and plan! Budget your money and stick to it! Then you won't have any regrets!