Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Toy Tuesday

Sticker Scenes

Sticker scenes from Oriental Trading are my new go-to quick craft, distraction item and even incentive. 

Each sticker scene comes with a sheet of stickers and a background paper to stick the stickers on.
 My favorite is the picnic scene, how could you not love the tiny hot dogs? 

Kids either go crazy and stick all the stickers on as fast as they can or they take their time and put every sticker perfectly placed on the page. Parents and nurses love them too! 

They have giant, regular sized, and even mini sticker scenes 
They have scenes for every age group, even teens!

We are going to be starting a child life program in our Emergency Department this year and I have a feeling that sticker scenes will be my favorite thing to hand out to kids that have to wait around awhile.  

Do you use sticker scenes? Which ones are your favorites?