Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Toy Tuesday

I know that I have written about these before in other posts, but since summer play stuff is starting to pop up in stores I thought I would rave once again about these bubbles!


Fubbles are amazing in that they produce great bubbles and come in a no spill container, and when it says no spill, it means it. I throw these in my distraction bag with my iPad and coloring sheets and don't have to worry if my bubbles are going to spill all over everything. 

The bottle and wand are all plastic so if a kiddo holds it, blows on it or sticks it in their mouth, you can dump out the bubble solution and sanitize for the next kiddo! 

They are generally only available during spring and summer seasons so be sure to stock up! I just bought two new bottles at Target. 

The small bottles retail at $1.99