Friday, February 27, 2015

Is It Worth Your Time?

Hello readers :) 

Happy *almost* March! 

We were so satisfied with the response to our last post! Thank you for being so encouraging! Sometimes when we do not have any interaction from our readers, we start to wonder if it really is worth our time! But y'all remind us that it's not! 

Speaking of being worth our time.... Do you find it hard to manage your time? Do you find yourself constantly questioning why you are doing what you are doing and if it's worth it? 

Two things: 

1. Time management is crucial, along with learning to manage stress. When you are busy with school, work, volunteering, applying to practicums, internships, etc, trying to maintain a social life and/or a relationship, things can get pretty hectic. One of my biggest pieces of advice is to BE IN THE MOMENT. When you are at school, do school. When you are at work, do work. When you set aside time to study, then study. When you plan to go to lunch with a friend, then have lunch with her! Don't be worrying about what you haven't finished or what you have to do afterwards. Be in the moment. Put your phone away. Check emails, Facebook, Instagram, etc. later. I promise if you stop stressing about other things while you are occupied with something else, you will begin to feel your time multiply. This won't happen overnight. It takes practice. 

For example, this is what a typical week looks like for me.  
-Teach Sunday school, attend church, lunch with family, homework during the afternoon, small group AWANA on Sunday evenings, do homework until I fall asleep. 
-Volunteer at Children's Hospital, Yoga class, homework for the evening
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
-Teach preschool in the morning, workout at gym, homework, attend online class sessions, meet with middle and high school girls, prepare for teaching Sunday School, attend Wednesday night church, complete more homework and studying, lesson plan for preschool the next day, and more
-Morning to myself to do laundry, clean, watch the news, catch up on Bible Study, go to the gym, begin homework, write papers, complete quizzes, continuously find other volunteer opportunities or spend time with my friends and boyfriend
-Most Saturdays are already planned events (months in advance), attending weddings, volunteering, squeezing in more homework and studying, planning for Sundays, cleaning, etc. 

Somewhere in the week I find time to blog, work on research, spend time with family, catch up with friends on the phone, and watch Grey's Anatomy. Oh, and also, maintain a long distance relationship :) 

2. As a high school and college student, make sure you are investing your time in things that are 100% related to Child Life. If you hear about a particular volunteer event and you wonder whether or not you should participate, ask yourself two questions. Does this event offer me time working with children affected by a chronic illness, disability, or life challenges? Is this something that is important enough to go on my resume to replace something less relevant? If the answer to both of these questions is "Yes," then you have our approval to jump in feet first! 

About to face my fears and do some high ropes!

My bunk at Camp Twin Lakes!  
Fellow Volunteers at Camp Blue Skies 

Of course, hospitals want to see that you have worked with typically developing and generally healthy children, but these opportunities are a lot more available than ones working with medically fragile or children affected by a disability. Look for things in your area such as non-profits like Ronald McDonald and childhood cancer foundations or camps! In Georgia, we have Camp Twin Lakes. Check out their website to find some awesome volunteer opportunities for the summer! Things like this are great experiences that really give you a great foundation for becoming a Child Life Specialist! 

How do you manage your time? 
What other volunteer opportunities have you found? 



Cayleigh said...

Loved this! I'm looking into volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House & a volunteer program at my local hospital. Thanks so much for the post!