Wednesday, December 31, 2014

You got the Internship Now What?

Congratulations, you landed a child life internship! 
Now what? The most important thing to do during this time is keep in contact with your internship supervisor, they will be able to help you and answer any questions that might come up!

Find a Place to Live! Sydney was blessed to be able to live with a  family member during her internship, and Caroline was blessed to find a host family who offered her a room to rent for cheap! Call anyone you think you may know and call their mom's before signing a lease for $1,000 a month! Local churches can also offer assistant and families who might be willing to host an intern!

New Clothes! 
Who doesn't love shopping? Find out whether or not you wear scrubs or scrub pants to your internship? Or are you going to be business casual? Either way might require some shopping in your future. A tip to avoid price tag shock is to buy a bit each month leading up to your internship, and asking Santa for some help ;) Goodwill and other second hand stores often sell scrubs!

If you are still a student, make sure you have all the paperwork for your school, and don't forget to set up liability insurance! 

Travel Plans! Are you flying in? Are you renting a car? Are you driving up? Down? So many questions to make sure you've thought through. If you're in a city, will you take public transportation or drive your own car? Make sure you arrive in the city a few days before the internship so you can learn your way around town, especially if it is a big city! Get a city map and talk to some locals about traffic. 
Caroline was in Atlanta and had an hour to hour and half commute every day! (Make sure you have a car charger for your phone!) 

Don't forget about Mother Nature! Sydney moved from warm and sunny South Georgia to the polar vortex in Iowa last winter! Moving somewhere cold? Keep a survival box in your car that includes a hat, gloves, blanket, ice scraper, snow brush, a small shovel, granola bars, and some water you never know if you are going to get stuck in a blizzard! 

First Week as an Intern

Twas the Night Before the Internship! Get a good night sleep. Make sure your clothes are clean and laid out. Do you need to pack a lunch? Set a few alarms or get your mom to send you a wake up call. You don't want to be late for your first day! Scout out where you are supposed to park, whether or not you need a parking pass, and even walk into the hospital to find your assigned meeting place. 

Often times the first days are trainings and orientations, so you may want to pack an extra sweater for cold conference rooms! Also, most hospitals have paperwork they have sent you and expect to be filled out on your first day. Make sure you have checked and double checked your emails, filled everything out and placed it in your bag ready to go! 

First Day! Eat a good breakfast, you will be doing a lot of walking or sitting... depending on what kind of orientation and training your hospital does. Regardless of what you are doing, you WILL BE exhausted and ecstatic all at the same time. Ask all and any questions you may have, but make sure you wait until appropriate times. Write anything and everything down. You will be glad you did a month into your internship. Bring a bottle of water or a tumbler of sorts. You don't want to get dehydrated. Make sure you have chap-stick and hand lotion in your bag. Being in the hospital and washing your hands so often will dry out your lips and your hands more than you can imagine! 

Your first week isn't very scary; it's a lot of orientation, touring, last minute paperwork and meeting new people. Let us know how it goes! We want to learn from you! This is an exciting time. Soak up every moment of it. You only get to have your first day of internship once! 

Thanks to one of our readers Karlie, for inspiring this post! You will Rock your internship this spring!