Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Toy Tuesday

This is what I like to call a retired Toy Tuesday, because Little Tykes no longer makes this amazing wonderful toy! However if you are lucky enough to already have one or find it at a thrift store or score it on eBay(I just won the cow version) then you are in luck! 
Today I am talking about the Little Tykes Bubble Countin' Chomper. Press his belly, his tongue pops out and he starts counting!
I love this toy when teaching about strep tests! You can use the hippo sticking his tongue out to show how the nurse is going to touch the back of his throat and how quick it is. Your patient can even give the hippo a strep test themselves!
This toy can be used as a distraction too! It's called a bubble chomper! How many bubbles can the patient make the hippo eat? 

I wish they had not discontinued this toy! It is a great tool for Child Life Specialists. 



Anonymous said...

I saw this post when I first started reading yalls blog, and then decided to use it for a project I did on coping for my Child Life class this semester! I was even so inspired that I ordered it off Amazon! It just came in the mail last week, and I love it! I cannot wait to play with some kids with it :) Thanks for the inspiration! -Anna Marsh

P.S. I was the one who commented on your "help us, help you" post about doing more toy Tuesdays! I just forgot to put my name at the end. Sorry!

Child Life Blog said...


No way! That is so cool! My hippo, cow and now Pig, are one of my most used resources! I would love to see your project if you are comfortable emailing it to us! childlifeblog@gmail.com!

Thanks for reading, and commenting and letting us inspire you!

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