Friday, December 5, 2014

DVD organization

Lately, we have had a bunch of our movies walk out the door, we lost 3 Frozen DVD's in 2 days!

A new system needed to be put in place!
We thought about creating a sign out sheet with the movie name and what room it was in, but we figured staff would forget or not have the time to sign a piece of paper.

Next, we thought about writing what movie each child had on the dry erase board in their room. That was another thing that could be easily forgotten or get erased.

Finally a great idea came to mind. No check out system, but let's change the rules a bit.

1. First of all only one movie per patient room at a time!

2. Next we typed up all the movie names and made little cards to go in the patient's room.
2.5. Then we took it a step further and added magnets to the back of the little cards. Bingo! Now staff can see which movie is in which room at all times without having to go inside.
3. For organization we numbered all of our DVD's, and typed up a coinciding list. 
4. Then we labeled the case with numbers and slid the magnets in the holders. TA DA! DVD's are organized and a lot less likely to disappear!
How do you organize your DVD's? How do you keep them from walking out the door?