Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Toy Tuesday

I have found the most genius product ever! Just sitting at the bottom of our supply closet, there it was BioPutty! 

BioPutty is a product created by Discount School Supply. Simply take a little bit of the Bioputty solution and mix it with Biocolor paint and BAM instant silly putty!

Silly putty, slime, goop, gak or whatever you choose to call it, can serve many different purposes in a hospital setting. 

Therapuetic Play: Squeezing and squishing the goop can be a great way to release tension and help a patient relax. 

Teaching: Goop can be used as a teaching tool for cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, pneumonia and other diseases. 

Sensory: Making putty is one of those activities that never gets old. The wonderful gloopy, sloppy mess that appears to be a liquid and a solid at the same time is both a playful science lesson and a really fun sensory activity.

Fine Motor Skills- foster fine motor skills by rolling, stretching and tearing. In the process of playing,children are building their skills and muscles. 

Fun: With a kid's imagination Bioputty silly putty can become anything they can think of. It bounces, can copy newspaper print, is colorful, is stretchy, it can look like boogers, spiderwebs and so much more.

Do you use Bioputty? Or do you mix glue and liquid starch? What other uses have you utilized goop for? 



Anonymous said...

Hi! Can you explain to me how you would use this as a teaching tool for Sickle Cell?