Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Toy Tuesday

Today's Toy Tuesday is really for the benefit of our non-hospital readers to allow them to have a little more insight into the daily scenery at a Children's Hospital. 

If any of you work currently in a children's hospital, then this is a sight you see everyday. 
The Red Wagon...
(or in some cases green or blue) 

The red wagon is used instead of wheelchairs in a lot of cases for many children. I have seen many children rolled to surgery, discharged, and just strolling down the hall in a red wagon. There is something more child-friendly about riding to surgery or around the hospital in a red wagon than a wheelchair or hospital bed. 

Red wagons are also used daily by Child Life Specialists to collect and deliver donations from all of our wonderful donors. 

Another use of red wagons and other toys with wheels is for special events. Just last week was Halloween, which is generally celebrated in a child-friendly way in hospitals. Many child life teams conduct a costume parade, reverse trick or treating, etc with the children. Wagons can be used to carry candy and small toys, or in my hospital's case, these little cars were used to wheel the kiddos through the hospital on the costume parade! 

Did you realize that red wagon's were a Child Life Specialist's best friend? 



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easy go folding wagon said...

Love this! Adorable red wagon and lovely fall colors!