Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Toy Tuesday

As Child Life Specialists, we all know how invaluable the Fisher-Price doctor's kit is for our preschoolers and school-agers, but did you know that they came out with a new kit that is geared towards infants and toddlers?? 
It is so cute! Perfect tool for introducing medical equipment in a completely non-threatening way. I have already used this toy on the floor and cannot wait to bring it to surgery and the Emergency Department! 


The kit's bag is equipped with 25 different learning songs! The Kit includes a blood pressure cuff(that squeaks), an otoscope that doubles as a rattle, a clicker Stethoscope, and a learning card that introduces body parts.


Now are you ready for a Deal? 
I purchased mine off of Target's website, along with a million things to decorate my new home for $8.09. After bringing it to work and having my co-worker fall in love we went (that night) to Target to pick one up for her. Much to our surprise, it was marked as $17.99. Not to worry, with Target's price matching system an employee pulled it up online and honored the price in store. Now I'm not affiliated with Target, but this toy is currently 50% (and this is the lowest price I found online) so you should run to your closest store and check it out.(THIS IS NO LONGER ON SALE)

               Here is the link to grab it online as well.  

Have you seen this toy yet? What other medical play/equipment toys do you like? 



Gretchen said...

I have been waiting forever for a medical kit made for babies! So excited to grab this tonight on my way home! Thanks for mentioning the online price match! Score!

Child Life Blog said...

You will love it! I'm glad we helped you to discover a new treasure! Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Went to Target yesterday, and scored this deal! Everyone at work loved it! Thanks!

Child Life Blog said...

Yay! It really is perfect for our infant/toddler friends! Let us know how you like it! Thanks for commenting!