Thursday, September 25, 2014

COW Day!

Careers On Wheels day, better known as COW day here in Idaho! 
A coworker and myself were asked to create a station to teach 1500 6th graders all about being a Child Life Specialist. We would have 30 children at a time and keep each group for 10 minutes!  Of course being a CLS we couldn't have a boring booth, so we were also going to have an activity for the children to participate in. 
I've learned in events like this, you have to learn to laugh at yourself, how to talk over the wind and oh yeah and to wear some doesn't matter if it is 50 degrees outside! 

We had a poster for our station! The poster has information about child life and pictures from our hospital and good old Google. We were almost done with it, when a patient joined us in the playroom and asked to help! I said, "Of course." She glued on our cut out letters of CHILD LIFE or so I thought ;) She had actually glued CHLID LIFE, and we didn't notice until we were at COW day. Lucky for us a band-aid and some ripping fixed the poster! I even bravely posted the misspelled picture on our Instagram page (Are you following us yet?)

To be honest, we had a plan in place but just ended up winging it. We started each session with the question, "Who has heard of a Child Life Specialist before?" If anyone raised their hands, we would ask them to tell us about it or to take a guess. We then went on to explain what our jobs entailed and where we had services in our hospital. 

Then we talked about getting an IV. We passed around a catheter and cleared up some misconceptions that the 6th graders had. After we prepped our audience for an IV, we opened the floor up to questions about being a child life specialist (i.e. things we have done, things we have seen, and really anything they wanted to know). As a reward for asking a question, the children were allowed to syringe paint!

I had so much fun teaching children about my wonderful job! I love any chance to get out in the community and share Child Life. 

What about you? Have you ever done anything like this before? What fun things did you do?  



Anonymous said...

Wow! That's impressive the biggest group I've talked to was 15 preschoolers! Kudos! Love the syringe painting too!

Child Life Blog said...

If you've never tried syringe painting, it's a must try! College students and preschoolers a like love it!