Thursday, September 4, 2014

Child Life Interview Tips

So you just got the call, a hospital wants to interview you! Now what??
First make sure you received ALL the information, the time(account for different time zones), and how the interview is going to be conducted, over the phone, over Skype or is it an in person interview.

Let's start with a phone interview!
1. Make sure you are have a place with good cell service, and ensure that it can be quiet for the hour or so interview.(Sydney taped a sign on her front door to keep someone from ringing the doorbell) Make sure all distractions are put away and turned off. Sit somewhere that you feel professional if you are slumped over on the couch or laying in your bed your voice will sound different than if you were sitting at a desk or a table. Never have a phone interview in a moving car. Have in front of you: questions that you want to ask at the end of the interview, a blank piece of paper and a working pen.
2. Ring Ring...the phone is ringing....Take a few deep breaths and answer. Be yourself, and be confident you know this stuff. Take time to answer questions. If you need some time to think about a question simply say "that's a great question do you care if i take a minute to think about my answer." If you can't hear the person ask for clarification or say "can you please repeat that"
3. All done? How did it go? Write down any information that they gave you that was valuable so if they call on offer day you can refer back to that information and decide if that hospital is the right fit for you.
4. Write a thank you card and get it in the mail that day or the next! 
Tip: Just because the interview team can't see you doesn't mean they won't know if you are shuffling papers or through a book looking for an answer!

Now Skype
1. Make sure you are in a place that has awesome internet connection, and ensure that it can be quiet for the hour or so that you are interviewing. Pick a spot with a plain or not very busy background. Never sit in front of window, this can cause awful glares. Check to see if your school's career office offers a Skype interview room. Have in front of you: questions you want to ask at the end of the interview, a working pen and a blank piece of paper.
2. Dress for the occasion. We will be posting an entire post on appropriate interview attire soon. Just remember even though the interviewers aren't supposed to see your bottom half something might come up and if you are wearing crazy pink shorts or no pants at all(hehe) it may hurt your chances.(Sydney wore black yoga pants just in case)
3. Every Skype session is different, but be aware that there seem to be a lot of technical difficulties, and it may take a few moments to get everything set up correctly. Try not to get frustrated or flustered if this happens.(Sydney had 4 Skype interviews and every one of them had some sort of technical issue)
4. Your computer is ringing...take a few deep breaths and answer. Smile and introduce yourself to everyone on the interview team. Remember to keep eye contact and try not to look down as this looks like you are reading something or not paying attention. Also try not to fidget as this can be distracting to the interview team and make you look less professional. Again, take time to answer questions if you need some time to think about a question simply say "that's a great question do you care if i take a minute to think about my answer." If you can't hear the person ask for clarification or say "can you please repeat that?"
5. How did it go? Write down all the information that they gave you about their program so you can refer back to it on offer day if they call.
6. Write a thank you note and get it in the mail asap 

Tip: Throw on some lip stick/gloss it changes your whole appearance through a webcam

Finally, an In Person Interview
This is a totally different interview than the ones above. Most likely this interview will last anywhere from 1-3 hours. 
1. Eat a good breakfast, and make sure you have something to drink on your drive to the hospital. This may be a long drive or a short drive. Dress professionally! Carry with you either a professional over the shoulder bag, or a larger bag that looks more like a briefcase.
2. Make sure you have clear directions. You will need parking information, and then directions once you get inside the hospital as well. It is a good idea to put the person who set up your interview into your contact list so if you get lost, get a flat tire, or hit traffic you can get in touch with someone. 
3. Normally someone from the interview team will meet you somewhere. Turn your phone off after meeting them (someone may try and call you if they are running late or you are in the wrong spot). Introduce yourself and feel free to ask questions on the walk to the interview if you see something that interests you. If you traveled a long way, try to get there early in order to have some time to use the restroom and freshen up before your interview. (Caroline even changed her clothes in her car so that she didn't wrinkle up her suit while driving!)
4. Depending on the size of hospital and child life team, normally in person interviews are panel interviews meaning that there will be more than one child life specialist asking you questions. Remember the tips above work for in person as well. If you need some time to answer a question, ask for it. If you need clarification, ask for it. Be confident! Bring a pen, paper, and your question list in your bag!
5. The best part about in person interviews is almost always you get to tour the hospital. This is another great time to ask questions and get comfortable in your surroundings. Make sure you ask about the tour from the beginning of them contacting you. (Caroline visited a hospital, and the staff had not planned to give her a tour. They offered one anyways, but just double check ahead of time!)
6.Before driving away, write down any information you want to remember about your interview and the hospital. Can you see yourself working there? What was the child life team's dress code? etc. 
7.Write a Thank You note and get it in the mail ASAP. 

Tip: If you have time and live near the hospital, make a trial run the night before so you know exactly where you are going. Don't live nearby? Check out the hospital's website for a virtual tour.

Hopefully these tips helped eased your nerves and gave you some tips about interviewing. Along with this post look out for Dressing Professionally, What Questions should I ask, and What Happens on Offer Day to help you during this exciting time! Good Luck!  

What else do you want to know? Do you have any tips that helped you? Let us know in the comments!  



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Do you have any tips for interviews? I have read all your blogs on them, and I'm freaking out. I have my first interview this week! I feel confident because I know that I can do it, but I am freaking out because it is something I have worked so hard for. We have done a mock interview in class last week, and I have a whole document on internship questions to look over. Im just afraid I won't be good enough to make the final cut.

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