Saturday, September 6, 2014

Child Life Conferences

Did you know that there are some great Child Life conferences coming up this month? Did you know that Caroline will be attending one, and Sydney will be attending another one? Are you as excited to get some child life knowledge and swag as we are? 
Conferences are great no matter what stage you are in your child life story! Students and professionals can gain valuable knowledge!

Caroline will be attending the FACLP conference in Miami, Florida. We both attended this conference in 2012 and loved it! 

(It's actually where we started to become friends because we roomed together and had no idea who the other was! Talk about an adventure!)

Some examples of workshops offered: 
  • Pain, Pain, Go Away! 
  • Out of the Hospital: Creating a Community Education Program 
  • Art Therapy: It’s All about the Process, Not the Product 
  • Navigating Camp in the Hospital 
  • Everything Changes: Navigating Transitions Within the Field of Child Life 
  • We have the money, now what? Expanding child life services to new departments. 
  • Non-Pharmacological Strategies to Decrease Sedation

Sydney will be attending the  Mountain West Child Life Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah! This will be her first time at this conference. 

Some examples of workshops offered: 
  • Child-centered play therapy: What that looks like
  • Got smells? Child life and the utilization of aromatherapy as a therapeutic intervention
  • Being mindful: Incorporating neurobiology into practice and play-based interventions
  • War of the technological kid: Technology and its use in child life
  • Perception of child life services as presented by mothers in the heart, kidney and liver transplant populations.

Will you be attending either of these conferences? If so let us know in the comments, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (links in the sidebar) to see our whereabouts! 

We would love to meet up with you and chat!