Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Toy Tuesday

Working in Radiology or Medical Imaging? These are my favorite toys to redirect infants and toddlers during exams such as; CT scan, X-ray, VCUG, and Upper GI. 
(Link to each soother on Amazon by clicking the picture)
These musical light up soothers are great! Easy to grab by the handle and go! Just shine on the wall, or above the child's head. The penguin one has images geared towards the development of infants starting with a still image for newborns, then transitioning to moving butterflies for growing babies and a whole scene for toddlers. The Starfish toy only has one picture, but it's bright, colorful and cheery and great to tell a story about! 

What toys have you used with your infant or toddler for redirection or distraction? Let us know!