Monday, July 28, 2014

The Value of Child Life: from the perspective of a nursing student

Ever had a difficult time getting a child to take medicine? What about swallowing a pill? 

(pic from Google docs)
Sounds like a job for a Child Life Specialist! 

For those of you who may be new to Child Life, here is an article written by a nursing student on a personal experience she had working with a Child Life Specialist. Follow the link below to read it! (I promise, it is only a page long.) 

Sweet success: Lessons from a child life specialist

It's true. Nurses and other healthcare staff often do not have the time to stop and get creative with ways to work with the children. They have many other responsibilities they must attend to. This is where the value of a  CCLS comes in. We have the skills and resources to work with children and teenagers on a developmentally appropriate level in order to help each child be successful and gain mastery over their healthcare experience. 

One child I worked with during my internship refused to take her medicine. Taking this medicine was crucial to her health and treatment plan. For her we created an incentive program. It was an individualized sticker chart. Every time she took her medicine she received a sticker; when she had accrued x amount of stickers, she got to go to the prize box. This worked for this particular child because it was developmentally appropriate and individualized for her. Eventually, she didn't need an incentive program because she mastered the task of taking her medicine. 



Unknown said...

I love that you made sure to mention what it is a CCLS does and how important it is to have ya'll around! Hopefully, by writing this blog, you two will be able to help people realize there is much more to CCLS than they originally thought. Can't wait to keep reading about your adventures!