Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Child Life Stories

Once upon a time...there were two girls...Wait, This is a true story. Here is a look at where we have been and where we are going on two very different roads to becoming Child Life Specialists!

We will have a post later on explaining our inspirations to join this field! So look out for that!

Hi! I'm so glad to have you along for my journey! I'm Sydney! I just finished my internship and now I am a graduate! I am studying hard for my certification exam.  I can't wait to write about my experiences in job hunting, landing the perfect job, tips and tricks, and my first year as a Child Life Specialist! I'm Looking forward to connecting with all of you!


Well, I'm Caroline. I also finished my internship and graduated college; however, I decided to go straight to graduate school instead of searching for the perfect first job. My passion is research; I know that any field cannot grow without it. I am studying Public Administration. I plan to go back for my PhD (someday :). For now, I have taken a job as a pre-school teacher, and I will continue volunteering at my local children's hospital.   


Unknown said...

Congrats ladies and welcome to the child life world. I am eager to read your posts and share tweets! Best of luck on the exam and graduate school!
Much love from Shani Thornton at Child Life Mommy

Child Life Blog said...

Shani! It's so nice to hear from you. We are eager to begin this journey and look to you as a seasoned Child Lifer!