Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Applying for a Spring 2015 Internship?

We know what you are thinking. You are either beginning to feel the level of stress creep up on you or you are wondering if you should be stressing out a little bit more. 

Here's the kicker: Internship applications are due September 5th 2014, and you really want to have those applications mailed off before then! 

Here is a timeline created by a former student, and current CCLS (Joanna Holloway Floyd)
Start your search
  • List out the criteria of what you want in an internship site. (i.e. general location, hospital size, number of CCLS, units served by child life, general hospital or children’s hospital, teaching hospital or medical center, etc.)
  • Use your school's directory or the online directory, if you are a CLC member, to identify the hospitals you want to apply to. (I suggest 25-30 possibilities)
4 months before due date
  • Look at the websites of the sites you have chosen to determine if they are offering an internship in the session you are applying.  Call and email the sites that state they are offering one just to confirm and put your name out there. (This will help you narrow your options down to 15-20.) SAVE EVERYTHING YOU TYPE!
3 months before due date
  • Get your resume looking sharp! Have Career Services help you out.
  • Collect internship information from all of the sites to which you are applying.  (Applications, reference forms, etc.)
  • Make a file folder for each hospital you are applying to and keep all information, applications, and forms in those folders.  You will be thankful for this organization once August comes!
  • Complete the CLC Course Work Review form before the middle of July so that you can send it in with each of your applications.
  • Read over ALL application questions and identify a couple of applications that ask questions similar to the others.  Complete those questions. Revise. Proofread. Get someone else to read it.
  • Make a list of all the hospitals you are applying to and start filling out those applications!  Remember to set achievable goals.  Don’t make your life crazy by procrastinating or overworking.
  • Try not to get too overwhelmed, celebrate with a piece of chocolate after each application is complete.

2 months before due date
  • Continue answering questions, revising, proofreading, etc.  Don’t forget that you have great resources like books from Hospitals and Practicum, to refer to.  Each application is an opportunity to learn more about this field!
  • Purchase: stamps, resume paper, address labels, manila envelopes, paper clips, and letter envelopes.
  • Type address labels for each hospital and yourself.
  • Identify who you are going to ask to write reference letters for you.  Give them each a copy of your resume and unofficial transcript.  Each reference person should get envelopes that are pre-addressed to the potential internship sites.
  • Go out for ice cream, you’ve been working really hard!

1 month before due date
  • Continue answering questions, revising, proofreading, etc.
  • Collect those reference letters!
  • Request your transcripts and pick them up.
  • Keep adding forms, letters, resume, transcript, etc. to the manila folders for each hospital.
  • Get everything in the mail BEFORE your due date... and go out for ice cream to celebrate!

Included in your application packet should be:
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Child Life Internship Application
  • CourseWork Review Form
  • Specific Hospital Requirements (i.e. CPR certification, back ground checks, etc)
  • Official Transcripts
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation

Organization and Mailing
List of things to Buy:
  • 9 x 12” manila envelopes
  • Resume paper (for cover letter and resume)
  • Printed return labels
  • Envelopes for recommendation letters (amount of places applied x 3)
  • Printed address labels both little size (recommendation letters) and big size for big mailing envelope

How to Organize all the Stuff:
  • Make an internship application binder
  • Add tabs to separate different hospitals
  • Only apply to hospitals if you meet all their requirements
  • Place items in envelopes as you receive them
  • Have a checklist for each hospital to check off once you have completed it
  • Always follow the order that the hospital wants the application in first!
  • Keep an extra copy of everything even after applications are mailed off

Things to Not Do:
  • Do not fold any papers
  • Do not wait until the last minute
  • Do not submit papers out of order
  • Do not print on a bad printer, make sure there are no smears /fades and it looks nice and neat

Time to Mail:
  • DON’T BE SURPRISED it is going to cost a lot of money to mail your applications
  • Get tracking numbers for your top hospitals, so you can make sure your application arrives on time.
  • Check deadlines and mail items early! Keep in mind how far you are sending each application.
  • Mailing in timely manner will ensure that items get there before deadlines.

Letters of Recommendations
  • Steps to getting a letter of recommendation
    • Step One: Choose wisely
      • select someone you have a positive professional relationship with, who have good things to say about you.
      • People to Consider: professors and supervisors
      • Do Not Use: family members or friends
      • Make sure they can speak knowledgeably about your work habits
    • Step Two: Provide references with necessary information
      • contact your reference through email, phone, or in person and let them know what all your request entails in a courteous manner.
      • provide them with a copy of the internship description and your resume
      • give them two weeks minimum to write the letter and make them aware of the deadline.
      • Provide them with a already stamped and addressed envelope
    • Step Three: Send a thank-you note
      • Send them a thank you note for taking time to write your recommendation letter
      • send it in a timely manner
      • hand written notes are more personal but typed is acceptable
    • Step Four: Keep your references up-to-date
      • If you continue to use the same reference letter, you must let that person know
      • This will keep them from being caught off-guard!
      • If you are applying for a different position let them know and send them an updated resume
    • Do not push for positive response
    • Do not wait till the last minute
    • Do not ask at an inappropriate time
    • Do not wait to provide supporting documentation
    • Do not give everything at different times, provide it all at once
    • Do not rush them
    • Do not be unorganized
    • Do not forget to tell them the outcome, they want to know!

GOOD LUCK! We will post more in regards to internships, so stay tuned. Feel free to email us for any other questions you may have, and do not forget to check in with childlife.org regularly for updates!



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